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Singer and former model Claudette Ortiz made a splash on the music scene as the lead singer of the popular R&B/Hip-hop group City High. The trio, best known for their 2001 Grammy-nominated single "What Would You Do?" disbanded in 2003.Ortiz and former City High member Ryan Toby are remembered not only for their music but also for their tumultuous marriage, which eventually ended in 2007.Ortiz launched her solo career and released her first single, “Can’t Get Enough,” which peaked at #89 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #37 on the U.S. R&B chart. Now, the single mother of three who once considered enlisting in the Air Force reserves to ensure her family’s financial stability is now back and focused on reviving her music career More?

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New R&B Divas LA Cast Photo
jerrica - 03/21/2014 - Comments: No Comments

TVOne has released an official promotional image of R&B Divas LA season 2! Claudette looks absolutely stunning and it looks like we have two new divas! I’m not sure when the show will be back because the ATL version comes on next month. But soon I’m sure… Until then check out the white hot promo shot below


Gallery Update: Appearances 2014
jerrica - 03/9/2014 - Comments: No Comments

I’m sorry for the lack of updates, but there just isn’t much going on with Claudette at the moment. However I have found a few photos of Claudette at events from Jan. Check them out in the gallery!

NE-YO & Compound Entertainment 6th Annual GRAMMY Midnight Brunch (Jan 26,2014)

NE-YO & Compound Entertainment 6th Annual GRAMMY Midnight Brunch NE-YO & Compound Entertainment 6th Annual GRAMMY Midnight Brunch NE-YO & Compound Entertainment 6th Annual GRAMMY Midnight Brunch NE-YO & Compound Entertainment 6th Annual GRAMMY Midnight Brunch

Vibe Magazine’s 2nd Annual Pre-GRAMMY Impact Awards (Jan 25,2014) 

Vibe Magazine's 2nd Annual Pre-GRAMMY Impact Awards Vibe Magazine's 2nd Annual Pre-GRAMMY Impact Awards

OnlyClaudette.Net Gets a New Look + Claudette’s Kontrol Photo Shoot
jerrica - 01/11/2014 - Comments: No Comments

OnlyClaudette is still here! Unfortunately there isn’t much news right now. But we are still HERE!!!! We now have a brand new look! I call this look ‘Dark Glam’ I worked really hard on it and I’m proud of how it turned out. The photos used for this new look is from Claudette’s shoot with Kontrol magazine. You can now view the Kontrol photoshoot in the gallery as I’ve added them today :) I hope you all like the new design as much as I do!
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Claudette at Chrisette Michele Concert (Dec. 21st)
jerrica - 12/23/2013 - Comments: No Comments

Last night (Dec 21) Claudette and other R&B Divas were spotted backstage at Chrisette Michele concert in Los Angeles, CA

Chrisette Michele In Concert - Los Angeles, CA

Claudette Ortiz Featured in Everything Girls Love’s Family Issue
jerrica - 12/10/2013 - Comments: No Comments

Claudette Ortiz: Overcoming Adversity?
jerrica - 12/8/2013 - Comments: No Comments

Formerly one-third of the Grammy nominated R&B/Hip-Hop trio City High, who scored a gold selling album with the release of their self-titled debut in 2001, Willingboro, New Jersey, songstress Claudette Ortiz has triumphantly returned to music. With that being said, HYPE Magazine recently sat down for an exclusive chat with the beautiful chanteuse and current cast-mate of the super successful TV One reality series; R&B Divas: Los Angeles, to discuss all things; past, present & future…

First things first, and of course, prior to you joining the cast of TV One’s reality TV series vehicle R&B Divas: Los Angeles, you had been out of the limelight for quite a few number of years. That being said, where had you been? And, what exactly had you been up to, both personally and professionally, during your lengthy musical hiatus?

Although I never stopped creating music, I had three children and I was married. My focus was primarily on being a wife and motherly duties. Juggling being an artist, trying to please a label and properly care for children, is a challenge…Over the years, I was in real estate until the recession began. I then started my own businesses and was an executive chef temporarily

Why did you actually opt to take so much time off from music?

I didn’t necessarily “opt” to take time away from music. It takes a lot of people, time and money, to push an artist to success. One cannot do it alone. I have children to take care of, so over time I had to focus on other ways to bring in income until the right opportunity presented itself. Thank The Lord it eventually did!

Which brings “us” to now! First up, of course, is this very successful reality show — How did you even come to the attention of the powers-that-be at TV One and wind up being cast in this, now, hit series?

I honestly can’t tell you how it came about. I was at rock bottom, ready to enlist in the Air Force Reserves and one night I prayed for help to choose the right road and what’s best for my children. The next night, I received a text message from executive producer Phil Thornton, and to this day I don’t know how he got my number.

With shows of this nature, there are often questions as to how much of it is actually “reality” versus “scripted” television — What can you tell “us” about R&B Divas: L.A.?

It is Reality! We are given direction at most to keep things in order and entertaining, but it’s all real and truth with R&B Divas: LA.

On it, you have been very candid in exposing several personal things about your very own life — What prompted this decision? And, in doing so, do you now have any regrets for anything that you’ve since come forward with? (more…)